I lead OD  projects from planning to realization. In short sprints with a solution-oriented approach. With a heart. With a soul. With love.

Communication, trainer, coach, teamcoach

– 15+ years of sales and key account manager experience
– 20+ years of team and individual development experience

Trust. Energy. Solution focus. Cosiness.
I have been working with individuals and teams for over 20 years. Even with married couples, but that’s another topic.
I’ve been learning for at least 20 years that it’s worth starting from what we have „here and now”.
So for 20 years, I have been encouraging people to have the courage, conscious access to their resources, and the search for unusual solutions.
It can be you, it can be your team.



I pay attention to the details and give space to the creativity of your team. So you can be sure that the experience programs of your team or even an organization of hundreds of people will be in good hands.

Teacher, drama teacher, mental health consultant

– 15+ years of customer management and collaboration development experience
– 20+ drama and experiential pedagogy, theater and event experience

I have been encouraging and supporting people for more than 20 years using different methods depending on what the situation demands: mental health, theater and drama pedagogy.
I give space for your creativity and let you flourish, while being focused on the here and now.
As a Leader, you will experience:
“We are able to innovate and surprise ourselves with the results.”
“We opened our team beyond expectations.”
“We focus on the big picture and on the small details at the same time.”



I support you in building succesful and joyful organizations by jointly developing your intellectual and emotional competencies.

Professional economist, PCC coach

12 years of development experience: team coaching, systems thinking, integrated leadership development and experiential learning

We are wiser together.
In a successful group process, we can experience the best version of ourselves and our team. It is a very special and relatively rare form of joy. We really like to talk from our heart, although it is seldom given, especially in groups. The careful mapping, highlighting and demanding processing of taboo subjects will unleash tremendous energies in individuals and teams. With the gradual building of trust, this is becoming increasingly possible. In such cases, the presence of an external consultant or facilitator is especially useful.
Let’s experience joyful experiences together, talk a lot with those we are not used to, process current cases, apply new models – a little bit of the best varieties 🙂 and put them into practice!



Creative approaches, constructive feedbacks, fresh knowledge. This is my coaching recipe.

Growing confidence, improving relationships, surprising changes. This is your leadership experience.

Psychologist, organizational development consultant, trainer, coach

– 20+ years of organizational and personality development experience in the field of multinational companies and SMEs
– Entrepreneur for 20 years
– private practice in psychology

I am strengthening people’s self-belief and motivation to achieve results that are valuable to the organization and that they can be personally proud of.
A good relationship is a prerequisite for a successful sales or leadership process. And good relationships bring joy and health to our lives. That’s why I use 20 years of organizational and personality development experience to help our clients to achieve their business goals through high-quality personal relationships and quality collaboration.



I inspire you to dare to surprise each other and yourself, dare to use your imagination, dare to go into spontaneous and unexpected situations. Openly, curiously…

Presenter, director, reporter

– 10+ years of radio host experience
– 10+ years of corporate and team building experience
– 20+ years of impro theater host experience

Experience programs, energizing team development are about openness, curiosity and cooperation. They are about daring to get to know the other, daring to cross our own boundaries. Whether it’s getting to know co-workers from different fields, refreshing a tired team on a daily routine, or integrating new colleagues, I try to get participants to dare to surprise each other and themselves, dare to use their imagination, dare to go into spontaneous, unexpected situations. And it is the game what provides the basis for these situations, because the game is the only one that frees up and opens up new avenues for everyone. Directly and simply.



I combine business methodologies with the tools of art therapy. Accurate diagnosis and an unexpected solution are made.

Coach, trainer, art therapist

– 10+ years of sales and leadership experience in a multinational corporate environment
– 15+ years of development experience as a trainer, coach

„A joyful life is always a unique creation and cannot be realized by recipe.” /Mihály Csíkszentmihályi/

There is no recipe, but we can select the pieces for a balanced and happy life from a wide range of ingredients.

There is no single recipe for solving organizational problems either, just as no two companies, managers, or two employees are the same. I believe in personalized development, be it a company, a manager or a key employee.

I have been working with executives for more than 15 years as a trainer, business and life coach. During this time, I continuously expanded my professional tools, which resulted in the birth of creativecoaching, the love child of art therapy and business methodologies.

The method of creativecoaching is perfect for starting the learning process of organizations less familiar with organization development.

However, the best results are achieved with training-experienced leaders and teams having a lot of cognitive knowledge. Creativecoaching helps to integrate the previously acquired knowledge into practice, in the undisguised exploration and definition of “where we are now”.

During art therapy deep-seated behavioral and emotional phenomena emerge that reveal the essence, root and cause of the organizational problems louder than words, with laser precision. If we see the reasons clearly, we are much closer to the solution than we think.


Andrea Bajtsi
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